Just roll with it.
Rolling the dice can have variable consequences in games. Sometimes luck is on your side, sometimes not.

Dice is a risky and fast-paced dice rolling game played in real-time against other players. Each player is given fourteen dice slots to fill with special sevens of dice, which they can use to beat the opponent's rolls that roll dice around.

The higher you defeat the opponents, the more you can direct your attention to your opponent. Leaving your opponent behind means achieving victory; so height is very important.

Defeating the opponents stationed around you will earn you achievement points.

Even high-level dice don't guarantee victory, because skill plays a big part in all this randomness. That's what will keep you coming back to the game again and again.

Will fortune be on your side? Blow the dice and try your luck.

If you're rolling the dice, you can give Dice 5 stars.

Murat Sancak